Ectogenesis Natives

Speculative / Theory


How can processes of affects during pregnancy be grasped and analized? Can they be digitally mediated, artificially reproduced or can similar effects even be fully created? If so, and if through this processes information will get lost, the effects will manifest in altered affects after birth. ︎

Interspecies Cannibalism



The term cannibalism is mostly used to describe cases of intra-species cannibalism or even mere anthropophagy. Because of this one can suppose that there is both an intra-species-cannibalism and the feeding of one species on the other, called inter-species cannibalism. The constructed “other” is in every case in some aspects akin. Which aspects are relevant? Is every kind of cannibalism morally reprehensible? The “critique of inter-species cannibalism” is a broad intersectional exploration and examination of the term cannibalism and its implications in our multispecies world.

Human / Being

Video Installation


In a dystopian future scenario, it is possible to cultivate, harvest and modify human beings to rent or sell them as friends, assistants and companions. While thinking about the future, we could miss a practice already taking place today: Animal breeding – modifying, cultivating and harvesting non-human animals to sell them as pets – but really as friends, assistants and companions, all the way to fill a substitute-function as e.g. children or partners.
Where lies the difference between animal-breeding and the breeding of human-beings for the same reason?

Dreaming of CRISPR/cas



CRISPR/Cas9 is a technology making it possible to edit parts of the genome by removing, adding or altering sections of the DNA sequence. It is currently the simplest, most versatile and precise method of genetic manipulation.
Die Installation Dreaming of CRISPR/cas (ehemals “Untitled”) bewegt sich im Zwischen und Außerhalb der Kritik ontologischer Konzeptionen der Naturwissenschaften, sowie Konzepten von Naturwissenschaft.

Institute for precise Utopia


2015 – 2016

The Institute for precise Utopia sets itself to sort, analyze and process contemporary issues and to critique the various concepts of “the future”.

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