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Multi-Species Archaeology  Work in Progress
For this project I collect bones of the non-human animals my partner ate. I calcinate them at 1000 degrees celsius and turn them into bone ash to form a porcelain object. ︎

Structures of Power: Manifestation
I built up an archive consisting of video and sound artefacts collected during research-stays in Hamburg, Germany and Seoul and Busan, South Korea. There are underwater recordings of empty aquariums, video documents of animal-resistance (e.g. breaking out and been put back into the water), surveillance, and punishment. An installation with the title "Aquarium I" followed as a first part of a series of works around this topic. ︎

Noryangjin Fishmarket, February 2018: Two aquariums just filled with water and an underwater-microphone, two aquariums with fishes.
On Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium and the Opium Wars in China
An essay concerning a well-known haute couture of Yves Saint Laurent and its connection to neocolonialism, cultural appropriation and the opium wars in China. ︎

在这篇文章中,我将提及一些关于Yves Saint Laurent高级时装的细节,以及其与新殖民主义、文化占有和鸦片战争的联系。︎

Dreaming of CRISPR/cas
An installation concerning narratives of idealisation and constant growth in connection with synthetic biology. ︎

Detail: Installation “Dreaming of CRISPR/cas” (2017)

Interspecies Cannibalism
Ongoing project consisting of a video-documentation of an artistic research experiment, a thesis-paper as well as a public lecture held at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Follow this link for a collection of artefacts (under construction and only in German). ︎
Affect and Interface
Working title for a multi-layered project with the aim to grasp “the interface” through combining affect theory, new materialim and critical posthumanism with practice based research.
I gave a talk on this topic at the University of Göttingen during the 10th European Feminist Research Conference, 2018. ︎

Research on Contemporary Practices of Queering Chinese Personal Pronouns and The Realism of an (non) existing Pronoun
Work in Progress. Two scientific articles, collaboration with Yue Wang 王玥 ︎ More information coming soon.

Becoming (with) Monsters. Genetic Engineering, AI and Animal Breeding.
Talk @ Quite Frankly: It’s a Monster Conference (SymbioticA 2018), University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, October 18, 2018. ︎

This site is an ongoing project. 

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