Affect and Interface

“Affect and Interface” is the working title for a multi-layered project with the aim to grasp “the interface” through combining affect theory, new materialim and critical posthumanism with practice based research. The project will have a theoretical and an applied stream.
︎ Can processes of affects during pregnancy be grasped and analized? Can they be digitally mediated, artificially reproduced or can intrauterine effects be even fully generated and modified (”optimized”)? If so, and if through this processes information will get lost or heavily modified, the consequences and effects will be manifested in altered social behaviour and perception after birth or—in case of premature beings—homecoming. This empirical part of the project will be done by using ethnographic methods and working together with parents of premature children, the prenatal health department’s staff and companies developing modern incubators.

1st Talk @ Graduate Summer School “Affects and Effects”, Institute of Sociology, University of Munich (LMU), July 2018. ︎2nd Talk @ 10th European Feminist Research Conference, University of Göttingen, September 14, 2018. ︎
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Animal Breeding and the Brave New World

This project focusescoming from the video installation Human/Being (2017)—on the ethical perspective of animal breeding and its connection to seemingly similar speculative future practices like the one created by Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World.


Talk @ Quite Frankly: It’s a Monster Conference (SymbioticA 2018), University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia ︎

Dreaming of CRISPR/cas


Dreaming of CRISPR/cas, 2017, ist eine Installation sich bewegend im Zwischen und Außerhalb der Kritik ontologischer Konzeptionen der Naturwissenschaften, sowie Konzepten, die über die Naturwissenschaften selbst gelegt wurden und werden.
Die Arbeit verweist auf kapitalistisch-neoliberale Konzepte der Transparenz und des Fortschritts, hinterfragt Anthropozentrismen des Anthropozänbegriffs sowie Idealisierungs- und Eskapismusgebärden vonseiten hegemonialer Akteur*innen in aktuellen medialen Diskursen – besonders in Verbindung zur synthetischen Biologie, aber auch der Bevölkerung weiterer Planeten. 

Interspecies Cannibalism       

The term cannibalism is mostly used to describe cases of intra-species cannibalism or even mere anthropophagy. Because of this one can suppose that there is both an intra-species-cannibalism and the feeding of one species on the other, called inter-species cannibalism. The constructed “other” is in every case in some aspects akin. Which aspects are relevant? Is every kind of cannibalism morally reprehensible? The “critique of inter-species cannibalism” is a broad intersectional exploration and examination of the term cannibalism and its implications in our multispecies world. ︎


This ongoing project consists of a video-documentation of an artistic research experiment, a thesis-paper as well as a public lecture held at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Follow this link for a collection of artefacts (under construction and only in German). ︎ 

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