Pascal Marcel Dreier

  1. Multispecies Encounters

  1. Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium and the Opium Wars in China
  2. Dreaming of CRISPR 
  3. Interspecies Cannibalism
  4. Chroma Politics
  5. Aquarium
  6. Affect and Interface
  7. Becoming (with) Monsters

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    Working at intersections of art, design, strategy and research—by crossing and dissolving boundaries between speculation and realities, research and practice, but most importantly between species. More information ︎

Exhibition of the work Multispecies Archaeology (WT, 201901) at MEINBLAU Projectspace Berlin. Vernissage May 2., 7 pm. 
Academy of Media Arts Cologne Annual Exhibition (10.-14.)

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PROJECT 201805

Structures of Power: Manifestation


︎Noryangjin Fishmarket 노량진 수산시장, Seoul, South Korea, February 2018: Two aquariums just filled with water and an underwater-microphone, two aquariums with fishes.

I built up an archive consisting of video and sound artefacts collected during research-stays in Hamburg, Germany and Seoul and Busan, South Korea. There are underwater recordings of empty aquariums, video documents of animal-resistance (e.g. breaking out and been put back into the water), surveillance, and punishment. An installation with the title "Aquarium I" followed as a first part of a series of works around this topic. ︎
More information (up to full documentary) is added weekly. /p 22.03.2019

Installation: Aquarium I 

︎Installation “Aquarium I” at Transmedialer Raum, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany.  
︎Detail Installation “Aquarium I”: Philosophical Fragments  

Background / Research

Agency: Attempted Escapes

One focus of my research and documentary practice were attempted escapes of non-human animals in captivity. This was especially in octopuses quite common. The vendors normally ignored my existence or did not notice me at all – the following video shows an exeption. She did not put the octopus back because of me, but you can see her colleague trying. 

Following you can find some of the videos I took in context. To see more, follow this link to Vimeo ︎

︎Tuandao Agricultural Products Market 团岛农贸市场, Qingdao, China, March 2019: Octopus trying to escape a box full of others. 

︎Noryangjin Fishmarket 노량진 수산시장, Seoul, South Korea, February 2018: Octopus vulgaris attempted escape.