PROJECT 201805

Structures of Power: Manifestation


︎Noryangjin Fishmarket 노량진 수산시장, Seoul, South Korea, February 2018: Two aquariums just filled with water and an underwater-microphone, two aquariums with fishes.

I built up an archive consisting of video and sound artefacts collected during research-stays in Hamburg, Germany and Seoul and Busan, South Korea. There are underwater recordings of empty aquariums, video documents of animal-resistance, surveillance, and punishment. An installation with the title "Aquarium I" followed as a first part of a series of works around this topic.

Installation: Aquarium I 

︎Installation “Aquarium I” at Transmedialer Raum, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany.  
︎Detail Installation “Aquarium I”: Philosophical Fragments  

Background / Research

Agency: Attempted Escapes

In my research and documentary practice I am witnessing attempted escapes of non-human animals (mostly octopuses) in captivity. The vendors normally ignored my existence or did not notice me at all – the following video shows an exeption. She did not put the octopus back because of me, but you can see her colleague trying.

Following you can find a selection of documents. To see more, follow this link to Vimeo ︎

︎Tuandao Agricultural Products Market 团岛农贸市场, Qingdao, China, March 2019: Octopus trying to escape a box full of others. 

︎Noryangjin Fishmarket 노량진 수산시장, Seoul, South Korea, February 2018: Octopus vulgaris attempted escape.