︎Descriptio Nova Utopiae, Installation, 2016/17
    In collaboration with Luis Negrón van Grieken

SHORTS (2014 – 2016) 

︎Bewusstseinserweiterung (Expansion of Consciousness), Early 2016
   In collaboration with Helene Møller Kongsgaard

︎Nowhere (Experimental Sensory Ethnography Short), 2015

︎Seelenwandel (Experimental Short), 2015

︎Did you know? (Motion Graphics), Early 2014


︎Documentary: “Arbeit” / “Work”

︎Corporate Photography for University of Design (HfG) Schwäbisch Gmünd (2015)

︎ Photography for the Weleda AG DACH Online-Marketing (2013)

︎ Event-Photography for the Weleda AG (2012)

︎Band-Photography (Drazen Zalac, Queen Kings) uvm.

︎Christof Wetter – KORG Musikant 04