ARCHIVE (Selection)

Keeping an archive enables me and others to reflect on the evolution of my approach to art, design, science, the use of different media as well as my creative process. 

︎Human/Being, Video Installation, 2017

︎Descriptio Nova Utopiae, Installation, 2016/17
    In collaboration with Luis Negrón van Grieken

︎Institute for precise Utopia / Institut für präzise Utopie, 2016/17

︎Documentary: “Arbeit” / “Work”


︎Corporate Photography for University of Design (HfG) Schwäbisch Gmünd (2015)

︎ Photography for the Weleda AG DACH Online-Marketing (2013)

︎ Event-Photography for the Weleda AG (2012)

︎Band-Photography (Drazen Zalac, Queen Kings) uvm.

︎Christof Wetter – KORG Musikant 04