Interspecies Cannibalism (2017)
Lecture, essay, and performance instructions

︎Fig. 1 Lecture Poster Series, I 
Pieter Aertsen, A Meat Stall with the Holy Family Giving Alms, 1551

Cut me open and tell me what's inside
Bring Me The Horizon, Avalanche, 2016

The term cannibalism is mostly used to describe cases of what we may call intra-species cannibalism, eg. anthropophagy. Because of this we can suppose that there is both an intra-species-cannibalism and the feeding of one species on the other, called inter-species cannibalism. The constructed “other” is, in some aspects akin. Which aspects are relevant? Is every kind of cannibalism morally reprehensible? This complex of works aims to be a broad exploration and examination of the term cannibalism and its implications in our multispecies world. 

Project details
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Lilian Haberer, Prof. Ute Hörner 
This project was developed as my intermediate diploma at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, October 10th, 2017.

“Critique of interspecies cannibalism” Lecture, Annual Exhibition 2017, Overstolzenhaus, Academy of Media Arts Cologne. July 28th 2017.
Special thanks to Max Höller, Yue Wang, Sophia Gamboa, Nan Li for intensive discussions and their support with testing out my performance notes.