OPIUM (2017-Ongoing)
Work complex, video installation and essay

Trailer “TNERUALTNIASSEVY”, Video installation, HD, endless loop, 2018

This work investigates the strategies as well as the artistic-creative moment of Saint-Laurent and his company at the time of 1977 and after, as something, which bursts the borders of the common exoticism of its time. I am analysing the haute couture – most relevantly the simultaneously released perfume “Opium”, its name, impact and advertisements – and the context of the opium wars in China (1839–1842, 1856–1860). 

Similar orientalist aesthetics continue in being successful and alluring, for example YSL’s recent commercials (2020), numerous tv shows, movies (Altered Carbon, Blade Runner), games (Cyberpunk 2077) and as a trend in fashion. 

The artistic work is based on and developing research, for example my essay “YSL Opium Wars”. Soon available as an open access PDF here ︎︎︎