Pascal Marcel Dreier

  1. Multispecies Archaeology

  1. Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium and the Opium Wars in China
  2. Dreaming of CRISPR 
  3. Interspecies Cannibalism
  4. Chroma Politics
  5. Aquarium
  6. Affect and Interface
  7. Becoming (with) Monsters

  1. Human/Being

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    Working at intersections of art, design, strategy and research—by crossing and dissolving boundaries between speculation and realities, research and practice, but most importantly between species. More information ︎

Academy of Media Arts Cologne Annual Exhibition – Rundgang (10.-14.)

ImprintArenaMedium, Insta ︎
EDITION 201901


Edition 100 Fine-Art Print1
Signed and numbered. More information on the project ︎
20% will be donated directly to the animal sanctuary Stiftung Hof Butenland ︎ 80% will be used for my art and research No delivery costs 

1 Most photographic editions as well as exhibition pieces nowadays are still made with gelatine-coated paper – this process is called chromogenic print, C-print or digital C-print – and therefore neither vegan nor vegetarian. All of my editions are printed on and with materials, that do not involve any animal-products. 
Payment Information: To pay, you can use all of your credit cards as well as Giropay (in Germany). For other payment options feel free to contact me via mail pascaldreier [at] me [dot] com.
Shipment: from Germany to many countries inside and outside of Europe. Free of charge.