The Unsatisfactory Archive (2019)
Video installation and sculpture, sizes variable

Fig. 1 3D-Scanned Cow Bone, one of so far ten scanned bones.
Rendered in C4D with Autodesk Arnold. 

        Being part of the series “Multispecies Archaeology” (MSA), this project aims to explore, what it means to collect and protect in the context of artistic practise and research and why desires to do so arise. I reflect on the unsatisfactory nature of archives by looking at my own experience during the process of my work “Collecting bones my partner consumed, creating a porcelain urn” (MSA I). How to deal with artifacts that we have created or collected?

        The installation consists of 3D-scanned bones in digital (fig. 1) as well as 3D-printed form. Bone ash of non-human-beings, collected in the context of the work MSA I, is now part of a fictional/speculative “filament”. A material generally used to produce artworks and tools in a fast and efficient manner (3D-printing), becomes artefact and sculpture itself. 

Project details
Supervisors: Thomas Hawranke, PhD, Prof. Ute Hörner, Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (Kunsthochschule für Medien)

Timeframe: Late 2019 — Mid 2020 
Keywords: Evanescence, Afterlife of digital Objects, Sculpture after Sculpture, Material, Archive, Collection, Artistic Artefact Creation, Organisation, Preservation 

Appearances Group Exhibitions
︎ Goodbye Cruel World, It’s Over, cur. Janine Blöß, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf, 2019

︎Minding Animals Germany Symposion, 21–22 September 2019, University of Arts Berlin, Germany