PROJECT 201701

Video installation, 1 min., loop. Found-footage pet videos, text.
Multiple language versions: Korean/English; Chinese/English

        In this fictional text, a company is offering human beings with several "functions". Additionally, one can assume that these human beings are bioengineered, created with single-stranded tiles (DNA “building blocks), printed out and brought to life by artificial wombs—full ectogenesis. They are bioengineered not to question their fate of being created to be partners (in a love relationship), companions, friends, children or just "assistants".
        In animal breeding, non-human animals are changed by human beings. For there is no way to ask for their consent, they are not being asked. Not at all or seldom non-human beings are altered for their own good, but for the satisfaction of peoples needs which drive global economies. Selective Breeding is used to forming the animals to the function they have to fulfil, e.g. looking cute or just weird, protect something or to taste good. However, just being cute, giving attention to their owner or even being an equal companion is seldom the real function of pets. It is about fulfilling substitute roles as children, friends or partners.